Custom Compounding
Customized Compounding

Customized Compounding

It seems like almost anything can be customized these days. We customize our screensavers, our clothing, our music playlists - we can even customize how our cell phone rings for each individual caller. But what if we could customize our medications? What would that be like?

It would, in fact, be like it used to be. In pre-World War II America, pharmacists followed physician's specifications and meticulously formulated prescriptions for their patients. As the science of medicine advanced, many of the standard prescriptions began to be formulated and manufactured en masse by pharmaceutical companies. However, physicians began to notice that not all patients responded to the standardized manufactured medicines, and/or that their patients were sensitive to the fillers, dyes and preservatives that were used in commercial medicines. There was still a need to formulate or "compound" prescriptions to the individual needs of these patients.

The Apothecary is the only community pharmacy in Central Minnesota that has a state-of-the-art compounding lab. Under the guidance of physicians, we offer customized compounding for virtually any condition. Some of the more common prescribed preparations are topical pain creams, bio-identical hormone replacement, veterinary preparations, and wart solutions.

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