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About Us

Our Story

The Apothecary has been owned and operated by pharmacist Steve Anderson since he and his father purchased Women and Children's Apothecary in 1994. Located in the old Women & Children's clinic on Northway Drive in St. Cloud, it remained at this location until September 2001 when Steve moved the pharmacy to 32nd Avenue and 12th Street North. With this move came a change of name, vision and focus.

Renamed W & C Apothecary, the pharmacy became specialized in exclusively customized prescription compounding. In 2011, a move from it's north St.Cloud location to the new medical campus in Sartell sparked another name change, The Apothecary.

Our Pharmacists
Steve Anderson has been enrolled in a naturopathic medicine program and has attended dozens of conferences and seminars focusing on two main areas; natural approaches to healthcare and prescription compounding. He graduated from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, in 1983 with a B.A. degree in business administration, hospital administration and hospital financial management. In 1986, Steve graduated from North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Pharmacy.

Steve Mareck joined The Apothecary in 2009. Steve's background includes 10 years as a clinic pharmacy manager and 20 years as an owner/pharmacist for Option Care, an IV pharmacy. Steve received his B.S. in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in 1982 and completed a one-year internship with the St. Cloud Hospital, followed by a one-year residency at the Medical Center of Vermont in Burlington.

Our Staff
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