About Us

About Us

Who We Are

At The Apothecary, our goal is to optimize health outcomes through custom-compounded prescriptions. We empower our patients on their unique health journeys, providing support for their immediate ailments as well as their broader health and wellness goals. We strive to transform each journey into an experience of connection and restored hope.

What We Do

Through comprehensive consultations, we tailor your custom compounded prescription to meet your unique requirements, collaborating with your healthcare providers for seamless, integrated care. Our commitment to your personalized medicine needs extends beyond the prescription, with regular check-ins and adaptive support to ensure your path to wellness is continuously optimized.

The Apothecary

Our Vision

The Apothecary stands to enrich lives through a dedication that lies in empowering each individual patient by supporting their ailments and health goals, turning every interaction into a moment of connection and hope. At the Apothecary, we don't just dispense prepared custom compounded prescriptions; we strive to transform every patient's journey into an experience of heartfelt care and joyous well-being. 

Our Story

The Apothecary has been owned and operated by pharmacist Steve Anderson since he and his father purchased Women and Children’s Apothecary in 1994. It remained at the location on Northway Drive in St. Cloud, Minnesota, until September 2001 when Steve moved the pharmacy to 32nd Avenue and 12th Street North. With this move came a change of name, vision, and focus.

The pharmacy was renamed to W & C Apothecary and specialized in custom prescription compounding. In 2011, a move from its north St. Cloud location to a new medical campus in Sartell, Minnesota, sparked another name change: The Apothecary.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a destination where individual patient needs are met with customized solutions. Our purpose is not just to dispense compounded medication, but to provide an experience that supports whole body wellness and health.

Our approach is rooted in the philosophy that wellness is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ journey; we pride ourselves on not just understanding the science behind medication but also the human element of healing. Our services are tailored to the individual patient, recognizing that each person’s path to wellness is unique.

Our in-depth understanding of both traditional and alternative medicines allows us to offer comprehensive, personalized whole-body support.

We support our patients through monthly follow-ups, keeping close track of response to dosage and consistency.

We’d Like to Help

Give us a call or send us a message, so we can get you on the right path to living your best life.


Our Team

Steve Anderson, Pharmacist

Steve Anderson graduated in 1983 from Concordia College of Moorhead, MN, with a B.A. in Business Administration, Hospital Administration, and Hospital Financial Management. In 1986, Anderson graduated from North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Steve A. has been pharmacist/owner of The Apothecary since 1994. Steve and his father, Gary, purchased Women & Children’s Apothecary on Northway Drive with the vision of transitioning that retail pharmacy into a compounding pharmacy. The Apothecary has evolved over 30 years into the business it is today; providing personalized compounded medications for individual needs, and offering a wide selection of quality nutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements.

Steve has always had an interest in functional/integrative medicine. He has additional education through a naturopathic medicine program and has attended dozens of conferences and seminars over the years in hopes of broadening his knowledge of researched natural approaches to improved health and prescription compounding.

Steve and his wife, Lisa have four children: Nolan (Holly) , Lauren, Neal, and Sophia, and two grandsons, Liam and Clay. He has thoroughly coaching their teams, and attending their games and activities through the years. Sports have always been an important aspect of his life, participating in baseball and basketball until recent years, and golfing whenever he has spare time. The family also enjoys spending time together at the lake and traveling.

Steve Mareck, Pharmacist

Steve has been practicing pharmacy for 39 years in various settings.  After graduating in 1982 from North Dakota State University, Steve did a one-year internship at the St. Cloud Hospital, followed by a one-year residency at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont in Burlington, VT.  He then moved back to the St. Cloud area and managed the clinic pharmacy in the St. Cloud Clinic of Internal Medicine for the next 8 years.  It was at this time Steve started his own pharmacy infusion business called Option Care, which provided intravenous (IV) therapy for patients in their homes.  After 20 years with Option Care, Steve sold this business and then started working with Steve Anderson at “The Apothecary” in 2010.

Steve always had a liking for “natural” therapies, and this was a perfect fit to continue his pharmacy career. Steve has broadened his knowledge base in compounding pharmacy and is certified as a “Hormone Specialist”. He finds it rewarding to help patients evaluate alternative treatments for ailments that have not been treated successfully through traditional healthcare. Steve feels great satisfaction in hearing compliments that patients give The Apothecary for going out of their way to help them navigate their healthcare.

Outside of work Steve enjoys golf and most spectator sports, especially Minnesota Gopher Football.  Steve has been a Gopher Football Season Ticket holder for 30 years and loves to tailgate before games.  But the thing that gives Steve the most pleasure is spending time at their cabin in Park Rapids with family and friends – especially the nightly sunset pontoon ride with his wife, Theresea.

Annie, Pharmacist

My passion and interest in alternative health solutions has led me down many exciting roads over the years. From co-founding the local chapter of Holistic Moms Network, Le Leche League involvement, teaching natural childbirth classes, working as a doula, educating on alternative health options and being a resource in the community on a variety of topics, there is always more to learn and share.

I grew up in the Forest Lake area and moved to Saint Cloud as I completed my PharmD at the University of Minnesota in 2003. I worked in infusion pharmacy for 15 years before joining The Apothecary in July 2019. I completed the AFMCP with the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2021 and continue to expand my knowledge through further education from a variety of resources. I am passionate about women’s and children’s health; my intention is to guide each person I interact with to optimal health and wellness, empowering them on their journey.

One of my greatest joys is being a mom of 5 amazing children; 2 girls enjoying the college experience and 3 high school boys who keep me on the go. In my free time you will find me watching our children participate in their favorite extracurricular activities, running/working out, spending time with family/friends, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Chris Freeman, Pharmacist

Chris is so thankful to have joined the team at The Apothecary in January 2022.

From a young age, Chris wanted to use his love of learning and the sciences to help people. He graduated in 2007 from North Dakota State University, with a PharmD. He has practiced both in the retail and clinical settings in the St. Cloud area over the past 14 years. After a 13-year career at the St. Cloud VA, he’s excited to be a part of this amazing team at The Apothecary where he can combine his experience with the focus on natural and functional medicine.

He and his wife, Christy, have 3 amazing children. In his free time, you will find him enjoying outdoor activities such as fishing and shooting archery, at church events, or spending time with family and friends.

Supporting Other Small Businesses

Community Engagement

At The Apothecary, we are committed to continuous learning and growth to better serve our patients. We have hosted a speaker over the last few years to bring together our community of practitioners to provide continuing education, cultivate practitioner/provider networking, and elevate the future of personalized medicine with a like-minded community of practitioners.

The Apothecary pharmacists enjoy supporting other small business practitioners and small community clinics/private practices as they embark on new ventures or organize special occasions.

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At The Apothecary, our goal is to provide our patients with safe, high-quality and effective compounded medications while demonstrating superior customer service. If we have met your needs and you would like to share your experience, we would appreciate your testimonial and the option to share your comments with other patients and their healthcare providers.

We only use first name and last initial in our testimonies, and never share medical information.