What Makes The Apothecary Different?

What Makes The Apothecary Different?

Upon entering, The Apothecary is much different than your typical pharmacy. The first thing one may notice upon entering is the appearance of our pharmacy. Much thought and detail was considered when designing our current location.

From the warm color tones to the beautiful woodwork, our goal is for you to feel comfortable and welcomed. As you move through our lobby, you may notice our large selection of homeopathic, herbal products, nutraceuticals, supplements, and makeup options.

Feel free to browse at your leisure, our pharmacy staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Apothecary Compounding Laboratory

Behind the welcoming lobby, The Apothecary has a state-of-the-art lab where the making of your individualized prescription takes place.

Our experienced technicians prepare your capsules, cream, troche, or other formulation, ensuring quality from start to finish. From the weighing of ingredients to the final milling of the cream or smoothing of the troche, they ensure your product is as prescribed and aesthetically pleasing.

Receiving A Prescription Order

When The Apothecary receives a prescription order for you, you can expect us to reach out to you over the phone to tell you about the order before we proceed in compounding it.

Upon pick up or mail out, you can expect a pharmacist to go over your new order with you. Educating patients is a passion of The Apothecary team. We will make sure you understand the proper use of the product, what to expect from it, and any other information that will help ensure your product is beneficial to you.

For many therapies, our team has created tools and resources for you to better understand your therapy. Once you start on your product, our pharmacist team will continue to be available to you as questions come up.

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